Review: Superdrug Colour Effects Wash In, Wash Out in 6.7 Warm Chocolate Brown

Today I’m going to do a review for you on Superdrug Colour Effects wash-in, wash-out hair colour in Chocolate Brown. I used it before I got my highlights. I liked the idea of a wash-in, wash-out hair colour because I was a bit sick looking at my accidental ombre, but I didn’t want to damage my hair by using a proper hair dye. (LOL, famous last words, I then went and bleached it because I am me).

I presumed this would work just fine in my hair because my hair colour was lighter than the intended colour, but it really didn’t make any noticeable difference. It darkened my ombre by a fraction. My mother noticed, but nobody else did. This was cheap, only €1.49 if I recall correctly, so you’re basically getting what you paid for.

I was disappointed though, because my friend Martina said it worked really well and lasted for quite a while on her hair. Oh well.

Zero out of five stars, would not repurchase.