My 21st Birthday Outfit :D

It was my 21st birthday last Wednesday, and I had my birthday party on Saturday night. It was a completely amazing night, and I couldn’t have asked for more. Everything went perfectly and everyone said they had a great time.

So many people I knew and loved were there, and we spent the whole night dancing and having fun. I was completely overwhelmed by how wonderful everyone was!

Unfortunately between all the excitement and rushing around, I didn’t get a good picture of just me, where you could see my outfit clearly, but I loved it and I want to show it off anyway.

My friends and I

On the left is my lovely boyfriend Frank, and to my right are my wonderful friends Declan, Martina and Hannah, who came all the way from Dublin and Louth to be with me my birthday :D And of course, we can’t forget my little dog Tipsy, who is smiling for the camera :D

My berry lace skater dress and berry velvet boots  are from, I love that website. It’s so cheap, and hassle-free with free delivery and free returns.

Oh, and I dyed my hair. I was sick looking at the ombre!

21st Birthday Outfit

The above picture is my Daddy and I. My watch is Guess and Frank gave it to me for my birthday. It’s gorgeous and I can’t stop looking at it!


And a picture of me dancing with Frank. I loved how my dress flipped out when I danced!

I am so grateful to everybody who came, I couldn’t believe what an amazing night it was. It makes me smile just looking back at these pictures!

Anyway, I hope you let me know what you think of my outfit. I’ll be back on Friday with a haul post to show you what I got for my birthday!


OOTD: Crazy Dog Lady Secretary



My style is weird, and crazy. Some days I look like a goth queen who should be in a Norwegian black metal collective. Some days I look like a children’s television presenter. I wore this to work. Why limit yourself?

Outfit of the Day

Turquoise vest: Penneys

Cardigan: Charity shop

Sausage dog skirt: Penneys, reduced to a fiver

Shoes: Penneys

Outfit of the Day

I think I single-handedly prove that you can dress really uniquely from Penneys. I know that Penneys-haters (and, amazingly, they do exist) claim not to like it because ‘you see everyone wearing the same thing,’ but that’s just laziness.

Yes, other people will have the same item of clothing, but you’ve just got to be creative about what you pair it with.


Coloured bracelet: Monsoon Accessorize, €16. I seriously love this bracelet so much. It’s about three times the price I would normally pay for an accessory but I wanted it really bad and it goes with everything. I saw my aunt wearing it and it looked so classy and lovely, I had to go out and get it.

Gold bracelet:  €6, River Island

Nail polish: MAC Cool Reserve. Seriously love this grurple (grey/purple) polish. I had to get this from America on eBay and I think it’s discontinued and I loooooove it. I love colours where you can’t tell what colour it is!

Sparrow Necklace

Necklace: Penneys

Sausage Dog Pencil Skirt


Close-up of the doggy pattern. It’s a bit wrinkled because I had been wearing it all day by the time I got the chance to take pics, but I think it’s so cute and different! :)



OOTD: My ‘About Me’ Picture

So this is the picture I’m using as my …profile picture? Display picture? I don’t know. The main picture on my blog that puts a face to all the ramblings.

I actually wore it to work and it’s comfortable, and I think it’s flattering because skater skirts are very forgiving – sitting on the narrowest part, the waist, and then flaring out past the wobbly bits, if that’s what you want to do.

Also, I never realised my widow’s peak was so sharp.
Outfit of the Day

Top: Penneys

Belt: Came on another dress, from a charity shop

Skater skirt: Penneys

Shoes: From some shoe shop I can’t remember the name of


Necklaces: Both from Penneys

Outfit of the Day: Rocking up to Work

This is my OOTD that I wore to work today. I’m lucky in that my office is totally casual, you can go in wearing a bin bag if you like, so nobody bats an eye at my rocker clothes.

Outfit of the Day

Top/jumper dress (although not really long enough to earn the title of jumper dress, it’s too long to be a top): £14, charity shop in the North, but originally Next

Wet look/leather leggings (I call them leather, normal people call them wet look): On sale for €15, Vero Moda

Necklace with Deer and Flowers Pendant

Deer necklace: Was a present, but I know it’s from Penneys.

I love this, it gets so many comments and compliments. I’m not sure if the deer is dead though, but maybe that just makes it cooler.

Leopard Print Creepers

Leopard print creepers: €15, just a little shoe shop. I fucking love these though, I wanted a pair for about a year and I was watching these ones for ages but at €45 I just couldn’t afford them. I couldn’t believe my luck when I found them reduced to only €15! I think they look badass and they rock-up any outfit. I can’t stop wearing them!

So that’s my OOTD, let me know what you think!